Welcome to The Church of the Kingdom of God!

The vision of The Church of the Kingdom of God, Extension 11 is to build up God's family, meet their needs, and extend our arms to all people without respect to race, color or creed. To continue building on the foundation laid by the Apostles, Prophets, and our Lord Jesus Christ, until we all come in agreement through the Holy Spirit of God with demonstrations in power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

"We invite you to sing praises, worship our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and fellowship with us in the spirit of unity, peace and love.  Our prayer is that you are strengthened by the preached anointed word of God comprehending the breath, length, depth and height of Christ’s love for you during your fellowship with us.  May God’s blessings overtake you as you honor Him in obedience to His word."

-Pastor Essie Briggs